A computer isn’t just a fun piece of hardware to fool around with; often, it’s the cornerstone piece of many businesses and individual livelihoods. As commerce of all kinds goes online, having a computer that operates as efficiently and as optimally as possible is an absolute necessity. The last thing you want to worry about is losing business because your computer can’t handle the workload.

Custom Network Solutions understands this fact of modern life and is your trusted source for all of your desktop and server support needs. We work directly with our clients to ensure all of their specific needs are met in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring your problems are solved as soon as possible.

Desktop and Server Support

A critical component for businesses in the 21st century is to have their desktop and server systems running fast and efficiently, allowing for maximum productivity and avoiding the dreaded downtime that can stifle a company’s ability to meet the needs of its customers. Custom Network Solutions provides computer repair services for the times when your system is not performing the way it should.

We offer total support for all versions of the Windows operating system on both the software and hardware side of things. If your PC has suffered slower speeds in recent weeks and you’ve noticed it is taking much longer than usual to load basic functions, it is a great time to consider a tuneup for your machine. If you are having trouble installing a particular piece of software on your Windows device, we can assist you in solving this headache. We also provide a variety of other services for your PC to give you the highest level of accessibility and functionality, including remote access when you’re away from the office, email migrations, and practically anything else related to this piece of technology. Whatever your PC requires, we can fill the need.

Custom Network Solutions also offers complete support for all versions of Windows Server operating systems. If you are experienced an increased amount of lag-time, slow connections, frequent disconnections, or any other issue that is causing you frustration and setting back your ability to get your work done, we can help solve this problem. We understand how unacceptable it is to be offline for an extended period of time and work as fast as possible to get your systems back online.

Security and Virus Removal

The more business takes place in the virtual world, the more devastating a virus or security breach can be to a company’s bottomline. A large security breach can set your business back significantly, something can be guarded against with the proper security system in place. If your business requires the necessary defense against viruses, hacks, and other types of security breaches, we offer a wide-range of services to give you peace of mind in the face of uncertainty. We know how serious you value your network security and place a high priority on ensuring your company is sufficiently protected against all types of cyber-security threats.