At CNS, We love to help you with all of your technology problems. It is what we do best. If you have a software issue, like a virus or software configuration, or if you have a more serious issue like a failed hard drive, At CNS, we can get you back up and doing your normal thing quicker and cheaper than the competition. When you call, you are most likely to speak to a support tech immediately, and if not leave a message, one will call you back within minutes. Or if you wish, just click on the Open A Ticket button at the top of this page, and fill out the form. A support representative will call you back within minutes to help you with your issue. At CNS we value your time, and will work hard to promptly and effectively solve your issue. Remote support is also available by appointment. With Remote support many issues can be fixed immediately without the hassle or time to wait for support tech to show up on site.

At CNS we realize that may issues cannot be solved over the phone or with a remote support session. If this is the case we will schedule a support technician to go on site to resolve your issue, in many cases on the same day that you make the appointment. So please give us a call and we will gladly help you with your problem quickly and effectively.

Network Design and Construction

Custom Network Solutions specializes in the design, construction, and implementation of your business’s internet network. We are experts in the arena of designing and creating a network that works to your unique specifications.

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Computer Repair

A computer isn’t just a fun piece of hardware to fool around with, it’s the cornerstone piece of many businesses and individual livelihoods. As commerce of all kinds goes online, having a computer that operates efficiently is a necessity.

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WiFi Systems

Custom Network Solutions offers complete wireless network systems to companies, both large and small. Whatever your individual business internet needs are, our team of skilled professionals will help bring your company up to speed.

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Media Systems

An important element for businesses is often the inclusion of an in-house media system. This is helpful in offices where customers may need to wait a significant amount of time, making the inclusion of entertainment devices a necessity.

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