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Computer Security 101: The Basics

By John Forbes - October 17, 2018

The first thing I tell a customer when they ask me how to best protect their computer ( and their personal information ) is that its up to you. Thats right. The best way to help keep your computer secure is good browsing habits by your computer users. When searching for something on the internet be specific. Be specific as possible. For example don't search for golf clubs.... search for left handed golf clubs if that is what you are searching for. Then, when Google, or another search engine returns results to you, dont go beyond the first page of results. If you have to do that, then you were not specific enough in your search.

When hiring for a position at your company, never accept resume's in anything but PDF format. Files written with word or another editor can easily have secret code attached to them that can download viruses. 

Make sure you have security software running on your computer. Make sure it is up to date. It's amazing how often a customer will come to me with a computer infected with a virus, and I ask them what security software they have and their answer is either none, or its out of date. Its alot cheaper to buy a subscription to your favorite security software then it is to pay me to remove the bugs from your system.

A little effort on your part will save you time and certainly save you money. As always, if you do have computer performance issues, or you think you have a virus, give us a call right away. We will get you back up and running asap.